Why Porn?


I. Have you always dreamed of being financially independent, silently even envied those who managed to defray their livelihood thanks to adequate earnings on behalf of adult industry?

You don´t need to dream anymore, with our help you can
put it instantly into practice - and already today!



II. Are you still struggling with your conscience fearing prejudice?

 Everything unsubstantiated, you cause no injustice to anyone!! What about all those other: stealing, cheating, and so forth... One important thing in addition, what if there is someone up there really watching us, he/she/it would definitively applaud you (in case he ain´t get too busy watching :D)




III. You still ask: "what about friend?"

STOP it!! Acquaintances do not pay your rent :D !! And those who later judge and point their finger at you, obviously suffer to the same silent jealousy (just like you right now) Moreover, you don´t need to expose your preoccupation
at all.



IV. You still doubt being sexy enough?

Bullshit everyone has sex-appeal,
you too!
Perhaps it is hidden
deep inside you,
because being too
Sexy is disadvantageous
in this philistine world.
You can highlight it
by unleashing yourself
of bad thoughts,
by than you get to
know how really sexy
you are :D









V. You mention to be inexperienced?

So much the better, we are not looking for a finished product but rather for a rough diamond. There is an unwritten rule: the more inexperienced the higher the market value, you can be just once a NEWCOMER!! But if you´ve already gone through one or another kickoff and didn´t achieve the desired breakthrough ;)
Never mind join us for the second chance!!



If you're still irresolute, despite to everything, then nothing else remains for you but keep on dreaming and envy all those who have managed to be above their reservations and thanks to that own big houses, fast cars and Louboutin shoes...